Action Steps Pt. 3

Taking steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle can have many levels of commitment. Some of our earliest steps required the least bit of effort, but in this part of our Action Steps series, we really delve into some of the larger decisions you can make to cut down on your petroleum use. You can:
  • Buy an electric car The coolest electric car company Wheego IS based right here in Atlanta
  • Buy a hybrid.
  • Buy a used diesel and burn local biodiesel in it. If you’re OTP check out our friends at Mobilized Fuels inc.
  • Move closer to work . According to the report “Growing Cooler: Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change”we can save 85 million tons of CO2 annually by 2030 if 60% of new growth is in compact living patterns.
  • Invest in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and start eating the food you grow.

Let us know how you are involved in any of these methods, and feel free to post pics with your hybrid, or picking tomatos from your CSA supported garden on our facebook page.

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