“It’s All About Money”

Daryl Arnold has been living with his girlfriend and mother for the past 5 years in a camper on his property in Pearlington, Mississippi. His home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and he is a few months away from completing his new home, much of which he has constructed himself. Brandon mentioned in a post below the sense of strong resilience that this family exhibited, and it was very representative of the zeitgeist of the entire region. The amount of objects he had collected and salvaged from Katrina was truly remarkable. Hearing him talk about the hundreds of objects he fixed himself redefined my concept of what it means to work hard.

He talked with us for a few hours, explaining his thoughts ranging from the safety of eating the fish, to how BP possibly intentionally didn’t stop the leak earlier, to how they survived Katrina. Below is a clip of Daryl describing how he thinks money played a very important role in how and when the leak got capped.

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08 2010