It’s Crunch Time!

As the date for the event draws close, the Spirit Team has been busier than ever! We’ve been putting in extra hours to make sure this event is extra special and it’s definitely paying off. We are super excited about getting our photo prints done by the amazingly generous and green conscious arts company, Myriad Fine Art. Thanks to Myriad, everyone who comes to the event will be greeted by large beautiful prints that if you absolutely love, you could take home with you.

Our filmmaker, Nathan, is also putting the finishing touches on the documentary short we’ll be premiering at the exhibit. The film will take you along for the ride that our team took through the gulf coast when we made the expedition last August. You’ll see the beauty of the coastline and hear the stories of the people who make the Gulf Coast what it is. It will give you an inside look into the issues that our speakers will be discussing.

Nobel Prize winning, Dr. Marilyn Brown will get us thinking about big picture policy items that can help move alternative energy sources forward and Environmental Economist Jeff Duval will be exploring the socio-economic implications of the oil spill in communities in the gulf coast and beyond. Perhaps most exciting, is our Surprise Guest Speaker who’s experiences have been so compelling, that I’m sure the crowd will not think of the oil spill in the same way after hearing her speak. I’d say more but then it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?

We’re also arranging a way for you guys to be part of this event too. You’ve helped us so much by showing your support from expedition, to coming out to the event next week that we want to give you guys props for how awesome you are. Stay posted for more on that!

Long story short, yes some of us are sleep deprived right now, but we’re going to keep burning the midnight oil to make sure that this event is the very best it could possibly be. Thanks for your support thus far. We’ll see you Thursday Night!

For info on the event, check out the Exhibition page.

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