Preview Party

Last Tuesday, we had a fun preview reception about our exhibition at the Hub Atlanta and it was a blast! In an intimate gathering of some of Atlanta’s most environmentally conscious leaders, there was a lot of friendly banter between everyone. There was plenty of wine and platters of tasty local food from Radial on Dekalb Ave. After a bit of mingling, everyone settled into their seats and watched a clip about what inspired the trip for all of us on the team.

The video served as a great starting point for discussion. Nathan, our videographer, talked about how seeing oil rigs for the first time left a lasting impression on him.  Brandon discussed what inspired the trip and how all of us saw things that we didn’t expect. The conversation went from the role of media coverage of the oil spill to parallels in community dependence of oil in coastal communities to a similar dependence on coal in mountain communities.  What was most encouraging was when the conversation transitioned into how we would address these topics in the upcoming event in October, there was a lot of interest. People were sincerely engaged by what we wanted to present and even shared some great ideas on how we could make it better.

The feedback has personally given us even more momentum for making this event a huge one. Thanks to all who came to the preview reception. You’ve lit a new fire in all of us to do all that we can to make this as eye opening and provocative as possible for all who attend. We can’t wait to see you on October 14th!

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