We arrived back in Atlanta Monday night at 11pm exhausted, but inspired.  It has been a process of reflecting for us, and I think we are each processing what we have just experienced in our own way.  There is a ton of content to sort through and post, and over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting stories that we have uncovered along the way, including more in-depth stories from our time with those who we have mentioned already.

In the meantime, here is a quick pictorial of our journey.  Check our Flickr page for more stunning images, with many more to come.

We filled the tank with B100 Biodiesel at SA White Oil in Marietta, Ga. on the way out.  Special thanks to Travis for the fill-up!

Biodiesel Fill-up in Marietta, Ga.

After a full day of driving, we were crossing the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain in the late afternoon

Lake Pontchartrain

We stopped to take several pictures down in the delta on the way to Grand Isle, La.

Sprit of the Gulf Coast Team

Sunset over the Louisiana Delta

I was glad to be at camp after a long day of travel

Brandon at Camp on Grand Isle

I didn’t know Terrell had it in him

Terrell Clark at Camp on Grand Isle

Saturday morning, the sunrise over Grand Isle was incredibly beautiful

Grand Isle Sunrise

Grand Isle Sunrise

Terrell captures some incredible images on the Gulf Stream Marina

Man Fishing on Grand Isle - Terrell Clark Photography

Terrell at work

Terrell Clark on the Gulf Stream Marina

Provocative installation on Grand Isle

Grand Isle BP Oil Spill Demonstration

Grand Isle Oil Spill Demonstration

We stopped for lunch before our boat charter and talked with some locals

Lunch Stop

On to Bridge Side Marina to meet Captain Kenny for our offshore tour

Bridge Side Marina - Grand Isle, LA

Our team hops aboard with Captain Kenny of Bent Rod Offshore Fishing Charter

Bent Rod Offshore Fishing Charter

Terrell takes advantage of our stopover at the oil rig to capture this image

Oil rig caught in the net

Andy tests the water for herself

Andy tests the water

Terrell takes it all in

Terrell Clark takes it all in

We got to see the BP cleanup operation in progress

BP Cleanup operation

After our offshore tour, we ran into Alexandra Cousteau’s Expedition Blue Planet team on the Marina – awesome people!

Expedition Blue Planet

That night, we met some local fishermen on the bridge, including this very energetic boy with his bucket of crabs

Kid on the Bridge - Grand Isle, LA

On Sunday afternoon we headed to Pearlington, MS where we talked with some local Katrina survivors


Our final stop took us to Alabama near Dauphin Island – we stopped to see who was behind this provocative imagery

Provocative Signs

Dispersant statement outside Dauphin Island, AL

We found the creator, Lori and had a deep discussion with her on her experience.

Lori & Kim

We have a ton of content to prepare and upload.  Stay tuned for the video interviews of the people we connected with, and the additional imagery yet to be posted.  If you are not already following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, check us out on those channels too, and you can also subscribe to the blog posts via email on the top right of the page.  Thank you to everyone who is following our journey!

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08 2010
  • just wanted to say how much we enjoyed you all. Daryl,s mom could not stop talking about how nice all of you were. you made her day. its a happy time when we have company, of corse Daryl loves to tell a story lol. so sense Mrs Arnold does not have a pc and has no idea how to use one thought i would write you.
    she thought you were all angels. i hope to hear more about what all of you do. we hope you all come to see us soon and dont forget about the fishing trip with Daryl.

    shelly ann


    • Thank you so much Shelly – we very much enjoyed our visit as well. That lightning show we got was pretty spectacular too! I wish we could have stayed longer. Terrell took some awesome photos out in the garage – did you see the telephone picture? Very cool! Many more to follow.

      We look forward to posting some of our interview with Daryl soon. Thanks again for sharing your story with us. Please tell Mrs. Arnold we said hello and thank you for speaking with us!

      - Brandon

      • yes i did see the pic,it looks great. i have not shown it to Daryl’s mom yet. she is a lil under the weather. she was talking about Terrell today and asking me if i knew he was a professional photographer lol. there story is pretty interesting to me also. stay safe and have a great day


        • Shelly, tell Mrs. Arnold that we hope she feels better today. Funny about Terrell. :)

          Thanks again!

          • i sure will, lol she just informed me that she got in touch with kim and that terrell got a speeding ticket in alabama lol. that made her day to talk to her. she is much better today. o she said the young guy behind the camera looked good enough to eat hahaha

  • Edie Morton

    Andy, Brandon, Kim, Nathan, and Terrell, you all Rock! Thank you for your generosity of time, compassion and spirit. I loved reading the comments back and forth about Darrell and family. Their spirit touched you all and yours’ touched theirs’. Telling these stories is synergistic, powerful and healing for all. The homemade signage that you all documented is a powerful delivery of the depth of emotional impact experienced by those on the gulf coast. I especially appreciated seeing Lori’s works and the “greed” ladder sculpture.
    Brandon Sutton you are the most benevolent humanitarian I have ever met, I am forever grateful for our friendship. I could say the same for Terrell. Andy, Kim and Nathan, I look forward to meeting you all. Continue the spirit rising and bringing us the truth.

    Has anyone reached out to our local restaurant, Parish, I bet the owners would love to be aware of “The Spirit of the Gulf” and possibly sponsor. I would also check into Current TV.

    • Edie, thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful comment. I appreciate your friendship and support more than I can say. Daryl, Shelly, and Betty are definitely in my thoughts today on the 5 year anniversary of Katrina. They have been through so much and I am excited for them to be close to completion of the new home they built after theirs was destroyed by the storm.

      I thought of you when we were talking with Lori. She is definitely a kindred spirit and a remarkable woman. I’m hoping to get back down there in September to connect with a local group she is involved with that is working on Gulf restoration.

      Thanks again for the thoughts – they really mean a great deal to me.

  • i just finished watching the latest video of daryl. gonna watch it again with him. today is his moms bday, i dont really think she enjoys watching all the stuff on katrina she is doing great today. once again we really enjoyed you all. o and while i was watching the film i keep waiting for the part were Andy grabs daryl because she was afraid he was gonna fall lol i know how she feels. to the guy below me Eddie, Daryl and his mom have been through a lot, it is still hard for me to grasp. they are very strong willed. i know it seems like to Daryl that all this is tacking forever but i know it will get done because he never gives up.

    • We were thinking about you guys last night. We all met to go over our plans for our event we are putting together for October. I planned on calling but we didn’t finish until really late. Tell Betty Happy Belated birthday for us please. :)

      Oh, and we edited the part where Andy was freaking out about him falling out of the clip, haha.

      I hope you guys have a good week ahead.

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