Many people want to help out – if you are one of them and have a few bucks that you can donate, please do support. Every dollar counts and no donation is too small.  Below are the businesses and individuals who have come forward to support this initiative.  If your business is interested in supporting our expedition, please download a sponsorship request form.

Myriad Fine Art

Myriad Fine Art is committed to providing a forum where those looking for a creative edge can meet today’s hottest emerging talent. We are committed not only to minimizing the impact of our business on the environment but also to taking steps through community action to provide positive support for initiatives to protect woodland and forest habitats.

Students Organized for Sustainability

Students Organizing for Sustainability is a Georgia Tech student-run group running grassroots campaigns on a wide range of environmental, political, and social issues in order to promote the greater goal of building a more sustainable campus, community, and world.

The Hub Atlanta

The Hub is a unique ecosystem designed to enable these people to thrive. It’s a place to access innovation, knowledge, market opportunities, inspiration and experience. This incredible organization has supported our efforts by providing expedition attendees, an event facility, and is also helping organize guest speakers for the event.

Vista Caballo - Unbridle

Vista Caballo is an elite learning center for progressive leaders. The recalibration found in our Signature Experience is incomparable in it’s ability to inspire significant life changes, both personally and professionally. Located in Dove Creek, Colorado, this 160 acre ranch has been host to visionaries, CEO’s doctors, athletes and innovators looking to stay ahead of the curve and live a rich, authentic life.

Milltown Arms Tavern has considered Brandon a good friend and patron for five years now. He has brought his friends into our pub to enjoy good times and great conversation so it is a natural evolution of our relationship to support The Spirit of the Gulf Coast expedition. We look forward to listening to and seeing what Brandon has to share.

SA White Oil

S. A. White Oil Company has been family owned and operated since 1926 with a reputation for excellence in products, service and customer satisfaction. We are pioneers in the field of renewable Biofuels in the State of Georgia. We supply fuel to some of the Southeast’s largest commercial and industrial companies, as well as many small, privately owned companies and individuals.

Individual Supporters:

Adam Waid
Arlene Glaser
Daniel Shorr
Erin Margolin
Gina Chaves
Janice & Todd Reece
Jeff Duvall
John Cugasi
John Ford
Kathleen OBrien
Kyle Bidlack
Lewis Perkins
Lyn and Tom Deardorff
Marion & Richard LeBer
Reed Clendenen
Sally & Emil Sutton
Sean Solowiej
Terri Jagger-Blincoe
Virginia Kavanaugh
Ying & Michael McPherson

If you would like to support and have your name listed here, please make a donation today. Thank you for the support!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please download a sponsorship request form or email us.