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The event may be over, but the conversation about how we can reduce our fuel dependency most certainly is not. Several people who got the chance to witness the Spirit of the Gulf Coast Exhibition may be moved to really dig into the issue of oil dependency in this country. While you may be eager to build a team of other people who are passionate about the environment and try to devise a huge groundbreaking answer to our oil dependency issues, there are really manageable simple things that you can do to make your impact. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a shift in our country’s relationship to energy. But all of us can make a big impact by taking small steps over time. So we’re starting a Take Action! series where every Thursday, we’ll post a blog with a series of actions you can take ¬†accompanied with resources to educate you and help get you started.

For our inaugural Take Action! entry, we’ll begin with the 5 action items that were part of the pledge during our Spirit of the Gulf Exhibit. They’re simple, and they’re things you could get started with today!

We would love to see pics or hear comments about your experiences taking any of these actions. Feel free to post any on our facebook page or share your experiences here. Whether you’re a veteran personal mug owner or you’re trying your first vegetarian meal, it’s empowering to see each of us doing our part to make a difference.

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