The Journey Begins

This morning we started out by visiting SA White Oil in Marietta Ga to fill up with B100 biodiesel. Our original sponsor for the fuel was out of stock this week and didn’t get a shipment before we left. Luckily we were able to fill up at SA White. We pulled up and did a quick interview with Travis for an on-the-fly upload. To our surprise, when we went to pay, Travis came to the counter and comped our fuel! We are so grateful, and it really set the tone for our trip. There has been so much positive energy around this initiative – it is clear that we have touched on something that is really resonating with those that are following our progress.

A quick note about biodiesel – this is my preferred fuel for my car, which is a stock 1994 Mercedes S350. The car actually loves biodiesel and runs cleaner and quieter with B100 in the tank. There are many benefits of the fuel that we will address in later posts, but for now we wanted to highlight the fact that our journey from Atlanta to Grand Isle is powered by locally sourced fuel that does not carry the same drawbacks and toxic effects of petroleum.

Check out the interview with Travis below:

Note: this entire post was written and edited on my iPhone 4 from the back seat of the car while heading toward Meridian, MS. The video was also recorded on the iPhone.

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