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Action Steps Pt. 3

Taking steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle can have many levels of commitment. Some of our earliest steps required the least bit of effort, but in this part of our Action Steps series, we really delve into some of the larger decisions you can make to cut down on your petroleum use. You can:
  • Buy an electric car The coolest electric car company Wheego IS based right here in Atlanta
  • Buy a hybrid.
  • Buy a used diesel and burn local biodiesel in it. If you’re OTP check out our friends at Mobilized Fuels inc.
  • Move closer to work . According to the report “Growing Cooler: Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change”we can save 85 million tons of CO2 annually by 2030 if 60% of new growth is in compact living patterns.
  • Invest in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and start eating the food you grow.

Let us know how you are involved in any of these methods, and feel free to post pics with your hybrid, or picking tomatos from your CSA supported garden on our facebook page.


10 2010

Action Steps part two

So you’ve been sporting your new refillable water bottle and are feeling good about the Tofu Tuesdays you’ve been throwing with your roomies. Great! If you want to step up the things you could do to reduce your petroleum dependency, we’ve got five more items for you. These may require a bit more planning but can also go a long way in using less gas. So check out how you can kick it up a notch and continue to take your first steps in oil independence.

  • Drive less by Doing Park and Ride at your closest Marta Station. There are so many great things you get from using Marta. You get a bit of exercise from walking, you can catch up on reading, you can play with the new apps on your i-pad, or get early start on email during commute.
  • Slow Down!! each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional 20 cents per gallon for gas. It’s good for your environment and your pocket.


10 2010

Take Action!

The event may be over, but the conversation about how we can reduce our fuel dependency most certainly is not. Several people who got the chance to witness the Spirit of the Gulf Coast Exhibition may be moved to really dig into the issue of oil dependency in this country. While you may be eager to build a team of other people who are passionate about the environment and try to devise a huge groundbreaking answer to our oil dependency issues, there are really manageable simple things that you can do to make your impact. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a shift in our country’s relationship to energy. But all of us can make a big impact by taking small steps over time. So we’re starting a Take Action! series where every Thursday, we’ll post a blog with a series of actions you can take  accompanied with resources to educate you and help get you started.

For our inaugural Take Action! entry, we’ll begin with the 5 action items that were part of the pledge during our Spirit of the Gulf Exhibit. They’re simple, and they’re things you could get started with today!

We would love to see pics or hear comments about your experiences taking any of these actions. Feel free to post any on our facebook page or share your experiences here. Whether you’re a veteran personal mug owner or you’re trying your first vegetarian meal, it’s empowering to see each of us doing our part to make a difference.


10 2010

The Big Day is Here!

The day of the event is finally here and we are so excited that we barely know what to do with ourselves!

On second thought, we know exactly what to do—- focus on pushing this event to be as memorable, entertaining, and enlightening asSpirit of the Gulf Coast - Grand Isle, LA it could possibly be!

It’s amazing to think back to the beginnings of this project and see how far we have come. It started with a birthday wish from a guy who like all of us saw the oil spill and wanted to do something about it. From there Brandon reeled in 4 other people who out of curiosity, passion for sustainability, and the desire to know more about this disaster to take an expedition to the gulf coast.  Armed with a few cameras and open minds, we jumped in eager to learn what we could from this experience. Whatever preconceived notions we had coming in quickly fell away as one by one we were exposed to the stories of people with various experiences on the coast. Everything from Lori’s activism to Darryl’s resilience post Katrina left us rethinking what the oil spill meant in the context of these people’s lives.

After weeks of meetings and long night work sessions, we are thrilled to say that we are ready to share these experiences  with all of you. It has been a long, and exciting journey to this night and we are so grateful to each and every one of you who have supported us through various stages of this project. Everything, from the photo exhibit to the documentary and speakers were really made possible by the various individuals who collaborated with us to make this greater than anything we could have pulled off individually. We cannot thank you guys enough!

This event is meant to take you through the various experiences we’ve had in the gulf and give you a different understanding of how you view the gulf coast, the oil spill, and our complex relationship to petroleum. Our only hope is that when you come, you will leave feeling informed and in touch with the spirit of this special region that the team had the pleasure of experiencing up close. I could go on forever, but as you know, I’ve got a mind blowing event to attend to.

We can’t wait to see you tonight!


10 2010